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Advanced Diploma (UG & PG)

Under Graduate and  Post Graduate Advanced Diploma is the certificate awarded to qualified professional students. Career aspirants with ambition to develop top careers in Engineering, Safety, Management etc. can join these Advanced Diploma Programs. We have different UG and PG Diploma certification programs. This certificate is issued by National Youth Employability Skill Development of India, and comes under the Central Government of India. These certifications testify that the recipient has successfully completed the particular course of study. These courses enable learners to get an exposure and appear for international certifications like NEBOSH, IOSH, Lead Auditor (ISO Certifications), etc.

Our Advanced Diploma Courses

Advanced Diploma in Fire Safety and Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Fire Safety and Engineering course is specially designed to suit the needs of various industries. Fire & safety professionals are recruited by several reputed companies such as Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas companies, Refineries, Electricity Boards & Construction Firms, besides several others.

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety and Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety and Engineering is a programme initiated by the Govt. of India. The main objective of this programme is to enhance knowledge, skills and awareness among the students in the field of industrial related safety, health and environment. 

Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health Safety Environment and Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Occupational Health Safety Environment and Engineering prepares students of safety and health with knowledge and skills that enable them to bring about change in the way safety and health initiatives are implemented in the workplace.

Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering gives in-depth knowledge about Oil & Gas sector, which is apt for those who are looking for higher studies wish to build up a career in Oil & Gas industry, also for graduates & professionals. This program will help you to start a career in Refinery


Basic qualifications to join the Advanced Diploma courses include:

  • SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
  • +2 (Higher Secondary Education)
  • Diploma
  • Any Graduation

Course Duration:
1 Year of classroom training covering all essential topics.

Study Notes:
Access international curriculum-based study materials.

24×7 Access:
Utilize our doubt-solving forum to interact with faculty members and receive personalized counseling.

Unique Features of Our Programs

Industry-Relevant Curriculum
Our courses are designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure that the curriculum is up-to-date with current industry standards and practice

Industry focused classes from the expert Trainers

HSE World is the leading training institute in Kerala with unmatched training expertise with the best trainers from each domain. The classroom is filled with knowledge when the training is live as our interactive training sessions which can bring the feeling of being an expert in the classroom itself. Our trainers are the best as they are highly qualified in means of academic qualifications and professional training experiences. They also have industry exposure as they were industry experts even before entering training.

Practical Training
We emphasize practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Our state-of-the-art labs are equipped with industry-standard instruments to facilitate practical learning. Students participate in mock drills and simulations to build confidence and competence in their chosen fields.

Industrial Visits
Students gain firsthand experience through industrial visits to leading companies like Hindustan Machinery Tools (HMT), The Cochin Shipyard, and Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). These visits provide valuable insights from industry professionals and enhance learning through real-world exposure.

Career Opportunities
Our programs open doors to various career opportunities in safety, engineering, and management. The practical skills and certifications obtained through our courses make our graduates highly employable in both domestic and international markets.

Why Choose HSE World?

  • Nationally Recognized Certifications: Certified by the National Youth Employability Skill Development of India.
  • Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Tailored to meet the demands of today‚Äôs competitive job market.
  • Practical Experience: Hands-on training in well-equipped labs and real-world industrial environments.
  • Career Support: Guidance and support to help you achieve international certifications and top careers in your field.

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How Can We Help?

Please select a topic below related to your inquiry. If you don’t find what you need, fill out our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Diploma in Fire and Safety
  • Diploma in Industrial Safety
  • Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
  • IOSH Managing Safely.

IOSH and NEBOSH are separate examination bodies and the certifications have their own importance. Some organizations opt for NEBOSH whereas some ask IOSH.

A good safety officer has a combination of industry knowledge, communication skills, and attention to detail. You should be familiar with your industry and all applicable safety challenges. Work hard to keep abreast of the latest government and company policies to ensure your worksite remains in compliance.

Ideal for those looking to start a career in safety, most job descriptions for safety roles require Technical Degree or Diploma and the NEBOSH International General Certificate qualification

In order to¬†become¬†a¬†safety officer¬†on an¬†oil rig¬†you will typically need a bachelor’s degree in occupational health and¬†safety¬†or a related¬†field¬†like engineering, or a diploma in Oil and Gas. Some employers request a master’s degree in a relevant program.

After completing 12th standard, you can apply for Diploma in safety course and try getting international certifications like NEBOSH and IOSH. Diploma in safety course is a technical course and the duration of the course is one year and you can do PG Diploma as higher qualification.

  • Safety¬†Inspector
  • Safety¬†Coordinator
  • Safety¬†Specialist. …
  • Paramedic Safety¬†Officer
  • Safety¬†Specialist. …
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Foreman
  • Safety¬†Coordinator. …
  • Safety¬†Engineer. …
  • Safety¬†Technician
  • Safety¬†Manager.

The minimum educational qualification for¬†becoming¬†a¬†Safety Engineer¬†is a Bachelor’s Degree in¬†Engineering from a recognised institute and an international certification in safety like NEBOSH and IOSH

The average¬†salary¬†for a Fresh Safety Officer in India is ‚āĻ240000 LPA. Salaries may vary according to qualifications, if you having a Technical Degree and NEBOSH, the salary may go more than double

Yes! As every workplace needs a health and safety provision, there will always be jobs out there if you have the right qualifications, experience, and attitude. Health and safety professionals are particularly sought after in industries such as construction, building and manufacturing.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Observation skills (attention to detail)
  • Tactfulness.
  • Sense of responsibility.
  • Physical ability to¬†do¬†the work.

What Do Safety Engineers Do? Plan, implement, and coordinate safety programs to prevent or correct hazardous environmental working conditions.

On average 15,000 AED/ month or (4000 USD) is considered good income in Dubai for a family of 4 persons Husband, Wife, and 2 children. This average income can be less or more for living in Dubai depends upon way of living.

around 6,750 QAR per month

How much money does a Health and Safety Officer make in Qatar? A person working as a Health and Safety Officer in Qatar typically earns around 6,750 QAR per month. Salaries range from 3,110 QAR (lowest) to 10,700 QAR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

around 7,090 SAR

A person working as a Health and Safety Officer in Saudi Arabia typically earns around 7,090 SAR per month. Salaries range from 3,260 SAR (lowest) to 11,300 SAR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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