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Level 07 International Diploma in OHSM (Occupational Health Safety Management)

  • A minimum of a Level 6 qualification in a European Safety Council course or in a related sector (or)
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (or)
  • A Master’s Degree in Engineering (or)
  • A minimum of three years of managerial work experience demonstrating current and relevant industry knowledge (or)
  • NVQ Diploma Level 6 (or)
  • European Safety Council’s Int Diploma in HSE endorsed by Qualifi (or)
  • NEBOSH International Diploma

The course duration is for 18 months and you may opt to submit the modules within this time frame. As and when you finish a module, you may submit it for the Assessor review.


Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSM) is considered as one of the topmost qualifications in the field of safety. This Certification is issued from United Kingdom and is recognised globally. We HSE World work as a Course Advisor for this qualification.

Qualification criteria

Qualifying for this certification necessitates that learners can demonstrate their experience in workplace health and safety. To meet these requirements, learners must satisfy at least one of the minimum qualifications outlined below:

  1. Attainment of a minimum Level 6 certification in a European Safety Council course or a related sector.  (or)
  1. Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. (or)
  1. Holding a Master’s Degree in Engineering. (or)
  1. Accumulation of a minimum of three years of managerial work experience that demonstrates current and relevant industry knowledge. (or)
  1. Attainment of an NVQ Diploma at Level 6. (or)
  1. Successful completion of the European Safety Council’s International Diploma in Health, Safety, and Environmental endorsed by Qualifi. (or)
  1. Completion of the NEBOSH International Diploma. (or)

Benefits and Scope of Level 7 International Diploma in OHSM

The learning outcomes of this International Safety Diploma is to evaluate the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, analyse the various risk assessment techniques, measure the performance and check the effectiveness of safety culture. It also assesses the learner’s competence in the areas of sustainability, globalization and digitalization in occupational health and safety. This is a RQF Level 7 qualification and hence 60 credits are awarded to the learners on successful completion of the course. Learners can apply for Post Graduate degrees in occupational health and safety in the UK universities. Since the learners have 60 credits, exemption is provided by the universities while applying for post graduate courses. That is learners have only 120 credits to complete the post graduate qualification instead of 180 credits. This course offers career progression from Safety Officer to Safety Manager, or helps in promotions during appraisal. This is a preferred RQF Level 7 qualification for professionals in occupational health and safety domain. Directors and professionals in leadership categories prefer this RQF Level 7 course. Course content is well-structured and each unit reflects the emerging and changing landscape of the occupational health and safety domain. This qualification is considered a contemporary and quality RQF Level 7 qualification in International Safety Diploma

Enrolment of Level 7 International Diploma in OHSM

After getting approved with the learner’s current resume with the minimum requirements of educational background and work experience, HSE World will enrol as a Course Advisor for the Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management.


This qualification is structured into four segments. They are outlined as follows:

1. Management-Driven, Risk-Based Safety Management Systems
2. Globalization, Sustainability, and Safety Culture Performance
3. Digitalization and Incident Investigation
4. Development as a Strategic Manager

Diverse Learning Modalities:

The eLearning method exclusively offers

Course Duration:

The course spans 18 months, allowing you the flexibility to submit modules within this timeframe. Upon completing a module, you may choose to submit it for assessment by the assessor.

Credit Points for the Qualification:

The Diploma is awarded 60 Credit Points based on assessments across its four units.

*Guided Learning Hours: 210                     *Total Qualifying Time: 600

Assessment The assessment guidelines of this qualification

The learners can attempt four modules at by using a laptop. The Four module submissions are accepted electronically via email. The learners are free to choose work on any module. They should submit one module at a time. The learners should conduct researches, apply their intelligence and provide answers accordingly. The learners should avoid copy-pasting answers from the internet or any other sources of information, doing so will be considered as plagiarism. You are allowed to refer and combine information from various sources, but do ensure that your answers are only based on your individual understanding, also always mention the references at the end of each answer. The learners should review answers in any online website like Turnitin. The expected content uniqueness is 85% and please ensure to attach the report along with each module. The learners should submit the completed modules to the Assessor. Assessor will provide you with feedback if a need arises to fill any gaps. When your work meets the assessment guidelines, the Assessor will approve your module, and this is how a learner will progress in this qualification.

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