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Mock Test examination 2020


  1. Read the Scenario Thoroughly.
  2. Read the task given in each question’s then you can find out the topic from where questions asked.
  3. Then understand the questions.
  4. Mark for each question given opposite to each one.
  5. Write the answer to the question as per the marks allotted.
  6. You can use references (Text Book, Web Sites) for answering, but do not directly copy it.
  7. Use the scenario as examples.
  8. You have to justify the relevant Health and Safety Management System (what you have studied in IG1) for each answer.
  9. Total word count for 100 marks should not exceed 3300 words.
  10. You can write the answers in point wise or in paragraphs.
  11. Single word answers will not get marks.
  12. Every correct point will get one mark (eg; – for 5-marks 5-correct steps or point required).

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Things To be Noted For Mock Test

Examination Time : Sep 28 1.30 pm – Sep 29 1.30 pm (24 hrs)

Download the Question Paper

You can either take print outs or directly answer while checking the questions via your mobile

please read the instructions we've given thoroughly

There are two ways to submit your answer. 1) Electronic Submission via Laptop 2) Hand written Submission

1) Electronic Submission Via Laptop

1) Electronic Submission Via Laptop

Method of Uploading Electronic Submission

Word file should convert to PDF & mail us to hseworldmocktest@gmail.com or Direct to Site Uploading

Method of Uploading Written Submission

-Download the answer sheets from our WhatsApp group. After the completion of your examination, please take a clear photograph of your answer sheets , scan it through your Mobile App (eg: Adobe Scanner) and convert it to a PDF & mail us to hseworldmocktest@gmail.com or Direct to Site Uploading

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